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P.O. Box 188
CT 06378
Fax: (888) 436-5413


Smart Growth: Advocating Support
for a Maritime-friendly State

We're pursuing a holistic approach to economic growth. We know that our success lies with the preservation of our coastal environment and quality of life.

Our Plan

• Increase the number of maritime businesses in the state. Partners: CT DECD, CERC, CBIA.

• Propose legislative changes to Connecticut's regulatory laws and tax structure to support maritime business growth. Partners: Connecticut Marine Trades Association, Bridgeport Port Authority, New Haven Port Authority, CT DECD, CT DEP.

• Initiate legislative and policy changes that enhance Connecticut's boat manufacturers and marina operators competitiveness. Partners: Connecticut Marine Trades Association, CT DECD.

• Promote concise and comprehensive maritime policy for Connecticut and create maritime zones at Connecticut's ports, harbors, marinas, and navigable rivers. Partners: CT Maritime Commission, CONNDOT, CT DEP.

• Promote establishment of clear and consistent land use policies in maritime zones. Partners: CT Maritime Commission, CT DEP, CONNDOT, CT DECD.

• Create a shellfish distribution and aquaculture center to the port of New London. Partners: CONNDOT, New London Port Authority.

• Solidified relationships with key organizations by positioning cluster members on boards of directors of key organizations. Partners: Connecticut Maritime Commission, American Association of Port Authorities, Connecticut Pilots Commission, Transportation Strategy Board, Bridgeport Port Authority, New Haven Port Authority and Passenger Vessel Association.

• Bolster image of Connecticut as a historically seafaring state to further promote tourism. Partners: Mystic Seaport, CT Tourism.


The Facts

• Connecticut's maritime businesses are located in environmentally sensitive areas and thus heavily regulated. Policies and permitting processes have a detrimental effect on quality of life as well as business sustainability and growth.

Millions of visitors come to Connecticut each year. Over half come to enjoy Connecticut's coastline.

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