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Stonington CT 06378
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Connecticut Maritime Industry Cluster


Throughout the history of Connecticut, maritime activities have been a significant part of its economic mix. While the composition of the cluster has evolved over the past 370 years, it remains a vital part of the state’s economy and environmental activities.

The maritime cluster is composed of a set of four distinct components: transportation, manufacturing, recreation and commercial fishing, that currently generates direct revenues in excess of $2.6 billion in Connecticut.

The cluster has functional linkage to a wide range of other economic activities and serves a broad customer base with direct and indirect impacts on every citizen of the state. The direct impacts range from employment and job creation to local, state and federal taxes, while indirect impacts range from cost of goods to quality of life.

As part of the Connecticut Maritime Coalition's public information program set forth in 2000, we are focused on marketing the maritime cluster within the state to the public, private and institutional sectors. The goal of the public information program is to build broad-based public consensus on the importance of the maritime cluster on the state’s economy and quality of life. For more information about the Connecticut Maritime Commission's Strategic Cluster Initiative, see our report here.

Direct links to our members can be found below.

Members & Partners

Briarpatch Enterprises, Inc.
Joseph Gilbert, 203.876.8923,

Bridgeport Landing Development LLC.
Stephen Tyliszczak, 203-382-9571,

The Bridgeport & Port Jefferson Steamboat Company
Frederick Hall, 631-473-0286,

Blakeslee Arpaia Chapman, Inc.
Mike Oswiecimski, 203-483-2954,

Cross Sound Ferry Services, Inc.
Adam Wronowski, 860-443-7394,

cross sound ferry

cross sound ferry

Connecticut Maritime Association, Inc.
Donald Frost, 203-406-0106,

connecticut maritime association

Connecticut State Pilots
Capt. Charles Jonas, 516-319-5069,

connecticut state pilots

DRVN Enterprises Inc.
Steve Farrelly, 860-989-8081,

Empire Fisheries, LLC
Joseph Gilbert, 203.876.8923,

Gateway Terminal
Tom Dubno, 203-467-1997,

GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.
Dan Kinard, 860-286-8900,

gza geoenvironmental inc

Interport Pilots Agency, Inc.
Captain Louis Bettinelli, 732-787-5554,

Logistec (USA) Inc.
Frank Vannelli, 860-444-1329,

MOHAWK Northeast Inc.
Mike Heinke, 860-445-7401,

New England Shipping Company, Inc.
David Pohorylo, 203-467-2423,

new england shipping

New Haven Port Authority
Judi Sheiffele, Ex.Dir., 203-946-6778,

New Haven Terminal
Michael Vasaturo, 203-468-0805,

Port Security Services
Ralph Gogliettino, 203-467-1590,

port security services

Santa Energy Corporation
Thomas Santa, 203-362-3332,

santa energy corporation

Sea Support, Inc.
Ralph Gogliettino, 203-467-1590,

sea support

Thames Towboat Co.
Richard MacMurray, 860-443-7394,

Thames Shipyard & Repair Co.
Stan Mickus, 860-460-8437,

thames shipyard

Underwater Construction Corporation
James Keeling, 757-714-9619,

underwater construction




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